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What You Should Know About Pinterest

Pinterest is a visual search engine. It’s for inspiration, yes. But it’s also great for finding similar products if you already have something else in mind. It’s great for looking for visually similar products.

Pinterest offers tons of features: rich pins, product pins, recipe pins, etc. It integrates beautifully with Etsy. According to Pinterest, 83% of pinners have made a purchase based on the content they saw from brands on Pinterest.

Pinterest generates traffic to your content, blog, website, eCommerce store, Etsy store, etc., via organic recommendations based on people’s (Pinterest) search history, activity, and interactions on Pinterest.

Screenshot of Pinterest analytics of the website I manage

How SEO Comes Into Play on Pinterest

SEO can make or break your Pinterest game. Over here, we go a step further, and it reads the text, the CTA, on your pin. While pinning, get your keyword on the image, on the title, in the description, in the URL (if possible), and maybe through the keyword, as tags under the description.

Then, make sure you also apply the same SEO to the board you pin to. Boards also have a title image, a title, and a description.

How to Push Content on Pinterest

One thing that gets me all riled up is how lightly people take social media marketing. Repeat after me: Translate your content to the medium!

What does that mean? Each social media network has its own language. A certain format is accepted on each of these platforms. People of different psychography use these platforms in a certain way.

You cannot just pin your blog post’s header image as it is and link it to the blog. Now, why would you do that? No one will be able to see the title and the URL unless they hover over it (web) or click on it (mobile).


What Kind of Content Works Best on Pinterest

Does your business have a blog with something good to say? Perfect. Content marketing is to Pinterest as Thousand Island dressing is to lettuce. Don’t have a blog and you just want to push your products? Okay. Now, you better come up with a good CTA for it.

Do you have a YouTube channel where you make videos about all kinds of things? Use that. Make a pin for it using the guidelines mentioned below, put in a great CTA, and push it!

Source: SearchingForBetter

Helpful blog posts, videos, and listicles do great on Pinterest. Trying to build your email list? Try Pinterest by giving away a freebie for each signup. Design a good pin, put in the CTA, add the link to your landing page, and pin it.

Best Formats, Sizes, and Layouts

The recommended sizes are 2:3 and 9:16, or 600px by 900px and 1080px by 1920px. I have tested all kinds of sizes and layouts, and either 600×900 or 1080×1920 will work for you. For me, it’s the latter one.

Square pins just don’t cut it!

Try both these pin sizes: Design one pin in both sizes and see which works better.

Clean layouts will always work better than a cluttered one. I prefer having a website URL at the very bottom, in white over a colored rectangle. Right in the middle, I have a slightly thicker box with one very clear CTA. On the very top, I have the same colored rectangle box with the website logo. The white space between the boxes should contain your content.

Image source: Author

How Many Times to Pin in a Day

While you can pin up to 55 times a day, I wouldn’t recommend it. You may get marked as spam, and Pinterest takes a lifetime to give you an all-clear. Do not go over 30 pins. I keep the number between ten to 15 pins a day.

It doesn’t really matter what time you pin. But it’s better if you spread your pins throughout the day. Tailwind is a great tool for that. There is another pin scheduler out there, but this is the only authorized one. And do know that Pinterest restricts those third-party options because they are not authorized.

Tailwind allows you to schedule, set a SmartLoop, and repin your popular content throughout the year. It’s really smart. Give it a try!

When I publish pins, I do them in batches. I make ten to 15 pins of the same category of products, or one blog post. I add different kinds of content on it with different CTAs leading to the same page. All perform quite differently, and it keeps telling me what works and what doesn’t work.

Carousel, Collages, Videos, and Stories — What’s Best?

In my experience, a carousel is not a way to go. Even on Facebook, it doesn’t do that wellA collage does not look neat, but it pretty much garners the same interest as a standard pin. With carousels, I manage to get a ton of traffic on the pin, but it doesn’t convert. When I posted the same pins as simple pins, the traffic skyrocketed.

Source: Elle Linton

Stories are quite new and are not available to everyone. It’s too early to tell if they perform or not. Read this really helpful article by Elle Linton to learn about story pins.

Video pins do really great. As with everything else on Pinterest, make sure they are in 9:16 format. There is no time restriction on video pins, but under a minute sounds optimal.

How to Write a Good Title and Description for Pins

It’s quite simple. Here is a quick checklist for you:

  • Make sure it’s not clickbait.
  • Make sure it’s to the point and not lengthy.
  • Add your SEO keywords in it.
  • Don’t bombard it with keywords.
  • Use 20 or fewer hashtags (says Pinterest).
  • The description is like an excerpt. Treat it like an IG caption, without the fluff.

What’s the Deal With Pinterest Boards?

They’re not equivalent to Facebook groups.

Pinterest boards are like categories on your website. The pins inside should be relevant. And yes, you can add one pin inside multiple boards. The quality of your board determines the credibility of your Pinterest account.

Group boards used to work well, but now I stay away from them. If you have multiple complementary websites, make a group board, including the websites, and add relevant pins in it. Try not to add other people in it because that just doesn’t work anymore.

How to Get Viral on Pinterest

The best thing about Pinterest is a pin’s shelf life: There is practically none. The pin will pop up whenever someone looks for something relevant. You can repin your popular pins every season (e.g., Christmas pins every November and December). Or just let Pinterest bring those up pins up itself.

All these screenshots are from one of the businesses I manage. As you can see, all of these pins are absolutely organic.

Screenshot of statistics of a pin of the website I manage

Now, the question is: How to get viral? Well, if there were a set formula, I would tell you. But there is none. Follow everything mentioned above, constantly test and optimize your pins, and every once in a while you will hit gold.

Are Pinterest Ads Worth It?

Yes, a big fat yes! Pinterest ads don’t just work when you run them. My favorite part is the data that these ads bring you. That data can be used for your organic pins and in your website SEO.

Pinterest asks you to set your keywords, right? Well, when the ad campaign is completed and you take a peek at your reporting section, you’ll find out which search terms and keywords brought your ad on display, especially those keywords which you did not define.

What is it that does that, and how does that help you? You find out what other kinds of markets you haven’t tapped into and where, exactly, your potential customers are hidden. It tells you that you need to market your products towards them, too, and how.

For example, you’re writing about blogging and how to make money from it. You mention joining affiliate networks, selling courses online, Medium, etc. Now you run a campaign on Pinterest for this specific blog. You add keywords like writingbloggingwriting for moneyaffiliate networks, etc.

Turns out, some people saw your ad while they were searching under personal finance. What do you want to do with this information?

How to Track Traffic in Pinterest

Here is how you track how much traffic Pinterest is bringing to your business and which pins are the top performers.

Go to Acquisition > Social > Landing Pages > click any link you want to see > Pinterest, and voilà!

Or you can go to Acquisition > Social > Network Referrals > Pinterest > click any link you want to see > Pin URLs.

If you see pins that bring traffic but don’t perform, maybe you need to do something about that page.

I love to chat about Pinterest and Pinterest marketing. I will always favor it over Facebook marketing. I really think it’s widely underrated and not a lot of people have explored it fully.


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